3 Exciting Salesforce Flow Spring ‘24 Release Feature Enhancements

By Eric Smith

Technical Architect and Salesforce MVP, Eric Smith discusses his favorite new Salesforce Flow Spring ‘24 Release features. 

I always look forward to seeing what new Flow enhancements make it into each of the 3 annual release updates from Salesforce and never find myself disappointed. Here are my favorite Salesforce Flow updates from the Spring ’24 release.

3 Exciting Salesforce Flow Spring ‘24 Feature Enhancements 

1. More Screen Components are Reactive (Generally Available) 

The Display Text and Long Text Area input components are now reactive to other components on the same screen. Here is an example of a Display Text component reacting to the output of a custom summary calculation component that is reacting to the records selected by the user in a Data Table component. 

2. Text Templates are now Reactive 

This is a great reactivity addition. This example shows how an Account record selected in the first Datatable is passed to a custom Data Fetcher component that outputs all related Contacts which the second Datatable reacts to and displays. Previously, the SOQL query used by the Data Fetcher had to be created with a reactive formula. Using a reactive Text Template for the query makes the process much easier. 


“SELECT Id,FirstName,LastName,Name,AccountId FROM Contact WHERE AccountId = ‘” & {!Account_dt.outputSelectedRow.Id} & “‘” 

Text Template: 

SELECT Id,FirstName,LastName FROM Contact WHERE AccountId = ‘{!Account_dt.selectedRowKeyValue}’ 

3. New Repeater Component (Beta) 

This is a huge help for building Flows where you want to add an unknown number of records. Just add a Repeater section to the screen and fill it with the supported input components you need to collect the record data. Once the user has entered the data, they can click on the Add button to build another record. They can do this as many times as they need and can even Remove entries before continuing with the Flow.  (Thanks to Jen Lee from Salesforce for this sample clip)

Go With the Flow 

The Spring ’24 release brings exciting enhancements to Salesforce Flow, showcasing the platform’s commitment to ongoing improvement. Three standout features caught my attention, and the feature updates facilitate the effortless addition and removal of entries, offering flexibility and ease of use. As we eagerly anticipate the next release, these Spring ’24 enhancements leave us with a promising glimpse into the continuous evolution of Salesforce Flow capabilities.  

Stay tuned to see what’s coming in the next release and we’re here to help as things change whenever you need a hand. 

– Eric Smith, Technical Architect

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