Our Key Industries

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Redefine Business Growth by Industry with RafterOne

Working with 500+ Salesforce experts, across technologies and industries, we offer multi-cloud commerce solutions on Salesforce that is rapidly designed as per industry needs to help scale Salesforce solutions and accelerate your journey to new opportunities for development and value.


Streamline operational efficiencies with multi-cloud business solutions tailored for the complex demands of the manufacturing industry.


Customize and personalize every touch point in your customer’s journey on Salesforce with a partner who works with some of the world’s most iconic brands.


Revolutionize your business with multi-cloud experiences on Salesforce, powering the high technology industry’s success with innovation and efficiency.

Health and Life Science

Health and Life Science

Transform every patient’s journey with unified data, streamline collaboration, and capture engagement on a connected platform. Optimize clinical operations and drive better health outcomes by keeping up with the changing and latest trends. Accelerate cutting-edge technology built to deliver innovative patient care experiences by improving every journey.


Be the driving force of a new era and deliver constructive and simplified experiences of a Non-profit organization via a multi-cloud experience on Salesforce. Improve staff efficiency on a scalable platform that can impact growth with data-driven strategies. Pilot a transformative change that results in rapid and positive organizational growth.

Consumer Goods

Consumer Goods

Elevate your in-store experiences through powerful insights and automation to drive more sales with channel partners. Align your pricing, promotions, and the in-stock items for field reps to streamline operational activities. Redefine customer relationships with personalized experiences and build brand loyalty on a scalable consumer goods cloud platform.

Industry – Health and
Life Science  & Consumer Goods