3 Ways to Leverage GA4 for Salesforce Commerce Growth

By RafterOne

Leveraging GA4 insights can guide data driven decisions to optimize your Salesforce commerce business growth.

You’ve decided to adopt Google Analytics 4 (GA4) to gain valuable insights into your Salesforce Commerce Cloud business performance. Great choice! Now you are ready to take advantage of GA4’s next level data capturing and tracking abilities across device types.

So, what’s next? It’s time to start utilizing GA4’s comprehensive and robust platform to better understand your customer base and make informed decisions that will drive success for your online presence.

In this article, we’ll explore how key features of GA4 can support businesses likes yours to understand customer behavior, optimize site performance, and ultimately increase profits.

3 Ways to Leverage GA4 for Salesforce Commerce Business Growth

1. Engage the Market

One of the biggest challenges faced by ecommerce businesses is meeting their customers where and how they want to be met. Without proper data extraction and analysis, tracking and understanding customer behavior can be complex, making it challenging to optimize your marketing strategy.

With GA4, you can easily record and measure channel metrics, across traffic sources, data-driven attribution, customer acquisition cost, retention & engagement, and more.

By obtaining this data, you can assess how well your site is cutting through the noise to reach your target customer. This means businesses can better identify opportunities for improvement that will drive revenue goal achievement. GA4 data can also be used to determine the best times and places to focus your marketing efforts and tailor offerings to engage customers.

GA4 makes it easy to capture diverse metrics across an extensive range of channels such as your website, mobile app, social pages, paid ads, email campaigns, market places and more. This ensures businesses have a clear picture of how customers want to interact across multiple channels. And, it empowers businesses to achieve a more informed understanding of their customer’s specific habits – thus driving stronger marketing decisions.

Along with the standard reports that GA4 provides, the new and improved custom reporting tool, within the “Exploration” tab, provides a user friendly option to create a variety of reports that can be customized to your specific needs.

2. Track Conversions and Sales

GA4 can clearly track conversions and sales for online commerce operations. The new property brings automatically tracked events and enhanced measurement events. This means that the basics are in hand and focus can shift toward any custom events needed (with space up to 300 defined events).

The platform’s “Conversions” feature can be used to identify what sources sales are coming from and which marketing tactics are leading to more profit. Armed with these insights, you can then focus time and resources on the channels driving the most sales, while growing those on the rise and shifting away from channels on the decline.

GA4’s predictive metrics capabilities fuel your ability to foresee which prospects, who have engaged with your website or app, are more or less likely to make a purchase within the next week. This allows you to build and exclude certain user audiences and target others with custom paid advertisements, striking while the iron is hot.

Ultimately, the variety of data tracking opportunities offered by GA4 help Salesforce commerce online store owners make informed decisions when it comes to marketing budget spend, strategic content creation, and featured product focus.

3. Understand Your Customers

GA4 provides beneficial insights into your customers’ behavior. This reporting can help you identify the most popular pages, and which products or services users are searching for on your site. These insights reveal what your customers want while giving you a better understanding of how to best serve them. It can also help you discover your customers’ pain points and how your business can provide solutions.

The “Behavior” feature in GA4 offers further awareness into how customers are interacting with your site. For example, you might uncover a trend of customers abandoning their shopping carts during checkout which may spark the need for a streamlined payment experience.

To answer more questions about your customer engagement, GA4’s “Explorations” tool helps drill down to deeper insights into your customer’s journey. This includes a “Funnel exploration” technique which visually shows you the step-by-step actions taken by your users to achieve their desired result. This display can unveil ways to make adjustments to and improve the flow of your user’s digital experience.

Ready to Take Things up a Notch?

With the new and improved power of GA4, you can optimize your Salesforce commerce business performance. If you seek support to better leverage your online store’s potential and increase profits with GA4, the data experts on RafterOne’s Digital Experience team are here to help guide your strategy and support your customer journey. Let’s chat.