Absolute Need for Ecommerce in the Spare Parts Aftermarket: Part 2

By RafterOne

In the first part of this blog series, we addressed how the need for an ecommerce platform has increased exponentially in the spare parts aftermarket. Undoubtedly, ecommerce trends are leaning towards a digital future with ease of use and customer satisfaction at the center of all decisions. Here’s how you can be prepared for them with the right ecommerce platform.  

  1. Payment options are going to be the driving force for most purchases. The ecommerce industry has seen a rise in options such as BNPL (Buy Now Pay Later) and digital wallets. As you grow your ecommerce platform, the better equipped your platform is, the higher your conversion and retention rates will be. 
  2. Personalized shopping experience is essential today. B2C Commerce has already seen huge advancements in this direction, but B2B customers also expect it today. Product recommendations and personalized experience on the website from purchasing habits are imperative to stand out.  
  3. Self-service is another critical area to pay attention to. Two-thirds of customers would choose remote human assistance or self-service option over interacting in person. Therefore, allowing your customers to choose from the omnichannel experience you provide makes sure they don’t go looking for competitors who enable this instead.  
  4. Mobile-friendly purchasing experience is at the top of expectations from customers. Search engines also leverage mobile website experience to define ranking. Therefore, if you want your website to show up to customers and make sales, a wonderful mobile experience is crucial. This includes enhancing user experience, making it responsive across devices, faster load time, secure payment gateways and overall ease of navigation and use.  

Salesforce B2B Commerce integrated with the RafterOne Accelerator built specifically for the spare parts business is the solution.

Today, not only is it advantageous but almost mandatory to have an ecommerce platform for your spare parts business. However, you must work with the right partner to help you in this process.  

Setting up an ecommerce platform for your aftermarket brand is unlike other ecommerce systems. The products that need listing, the customers that come to you, and the complexity of your ERP systems – all need special intervention. You can experience this with an industry leading offering like Salesforce with a proven track record of helping some of the biggest brands succeed.  

Here are some of the distinctive features of the Salesforce B2B Commerce platform integrated with the RafterOne Supercharge accelerator and Coveo Search.  


The ecommerce platform is built from the aftermarket industry’s perspective.  

  • Platform created specifically for dealers 
  • Distributor portals for reorders 
  • Customer-specific pricing  
  • Multiple payment options for credit or rental 
  • The platform integrated with the Supercharge accelerator caters to any industry requiring spare parts, not just manufacturing    

Handles complications like a pro   

Salesforce can draw information from manufacturing, product, supply chain, and ERP to provide consolidated, updated, and accurate information to customers. With a simplified platform that handles complications for you, the gap between you and your customer is bridged with ease.  

Fixes the issue of Can’t Find it, Can’t Buy it 

The platform is powered by a world-renowned search engine, Coveo. It helps with providing accurate search results, product recommendations, and more.   

Turbocharges sales reps’ process   

While the product helps save valuable time for sales reps while making customers self-reliant, it also gives them options for “requests for quote”. With this, sales executives can contact customers directly and assist them in the buying journey.  

Enhances SEO Performance   

Salesforce Commerce Cloud has extensive built-in SEO capabilities that will ensure your search engine page results are regularly on the top. This capability combined with Coveo increases external SEO performance significantly. 

Concluding our series!   

Whenever you are ready to take the plunge toward an ecommerce platform, we will be right with you to help guide you through the transition!  

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