Accelerate Conversion Rates with Commerce Cloud and OMS

By RafterOne

In the dynamic realm of ecommerce, adaptation and innovation are not merely buzzwords but essential strategies for survival and growth. Our recent collaboration with a leading player in the e-commerce sector exemplifies this ethos. Through a strategic digital transformation initiative, Zabars embarked on a journey to redefine their operational paradigms and enhance consumer engagement with specific goals in mind. They aimed to provide a superior shopping experience on mobile devices, reflecting the growing trend of mobile ecommerce. 

Ready to expand their already established ecommerce experience, this family-owned, long-standing retailer of high-quality consumer goods sought to automate inventory and Order Management processes to increase efficiency and reduce errors. Furthermore, empowering marketing and IT teams to shift from reactive tasks to proactive modernization and strategic engagements was identified as a crucial objective. Let’s explore the challenges Zabars encountered and the innovative solutions that propelled them towards a future-proof digital commerce experience that ultimately benefited both the company and their customers. 

A Strategic Approach to Digital Transformation 

As Zabars embarked on their digital transformation journey, they encountered significant challenges that required tailored solutions to ensure success: 

Limited Customization and Poor Mobile Experience 

The existing digital setup lacked flexibility, offering minimal customization options, particularly on mobile platforms. This rigidity resulted in a subpar shopping experience that failed to meet the expectations of modern consumers, who increasingly prefer shopping on mobile devices. In response, adopting the Salesforce Commerce Cloud Storefront Reference Architecture (SFRA), a mobile-first platform, significantly enhanced customization capabilities and overall user experience on mobile devices, effectively aligning with contemporary consumer preferences. 

Manual Inventory and Order Reconciliation 

Predominantly manual inventory and Order Management processes were time-consuming and prone to errors, which hindered operational efficiency and scalability. This manual system led to frequent discrepancies in inventory and order data, causing operational delays and customer dissatisfaction. These crucial workflows were automated by integrating with Salesforce Order Management and Commerce Cloud, streamlining operations and minimizing errors. This enhancement in overall efficiency and reliability has significantly improved operational performance. 

Reactive IT and Marketing Efforts 

Daily operational demands bogged down Zabars’ IT and marketing teams, which consumed their time and prevented them from focusing on business expansion initiatives. This reactive approach stifled innovation and strategic engagement, leaving little room for growth-oriented activities. By using RafterOne’s Enhanced Page Designer Accelerator, the teams were able to simplify and automate daily site maintenance. This tool allowed them to shift from reactive tasks to strategic change and thoughtful planning, thus optimizing their functional capacity and contribution to the company’s growth. 

Enhancing Consumer Engagement and Satisfaction 

Integrating Customer Insights and Feedback 

Our strategy included a robust mechanism for further integrating customer feedback to enhance the transformation process. This approach ensured that every iteration of the digital transformation was closely aligned with customer needs and expectations. Regular surveys, feedback tools, and engagement metrics were utilized to gather insights, which informed continuous improvements and customization. 

Leveraging Advanced Analytics 

Advanced analytics played a pivotal role in refining Zabars’ strategic approach. By leveraging data from various touch points, identified patterns and trends supported informed decisions. These insights will continue to facilitate a more personalized shopping experience through targeted marketing and customized product offerings. 

Sustaining Competitive Advantage through Strategic Collaboration

As a result of their Commerce Cloud implementation and OMS integration, Zabars achieved a 26% increase in their overall conversion rate and a 44% increase in conversions for mobile within three months of launching their new platform. This success is a testament to the effectiveness of our tailored digital solutions, which enhanced the mobile shopping experience and optimized the entire e-commerce process. These results demonstrate the impact of integrating the power of Salesforce to shift traditional commerce operations into dynamic, future-oriented digital business models. By leveraging RafterOne’s custom-built Salesforce commerce accelerators, our customers can achieve short-term gains and long-term sustainability. This transformative journey is not just about technological upgrades, it’s about building a culture that constantly embraces change and sees potential in every challenge.  

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