B2B Classic to Lightning E-Book

By RafterOne

Transition your Ecommerce into a Post-Pandemic World  by Upgrading from B2B Classic to Lightning

The B2B buyer experience has changed drastically in the post-pandemic world, and the Salesforce B2B Commerce platform has evolved to meet modern customer expectations. In order to leverage personalization, self-service, order management, AI, and a mobile-first commerce, the transformative upgrade from B2B Classic to Lightning is imperative.

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Upgrading from B2B Classic to Lightning:

Reduces the cost to serve customers in the post-order process.
Increases revenue by leveraging AI-powered recommendations for cross-sell and upsells.
Improves the customer experience with a faster mobile-first application.

What You’ll Learn from the E-Book:

Why upgrading from Salesforce B2B Commerce Classic to Lightning is essential for businesses growth. (page 2)
The lasting effects of the COVID-19 Pandemic on the buyer experience that rendered B2C Classic outdated. (page 3)
How B2B Lightning was built to handle the expectations and complexities of post-pandemic B2B buyers. (page 4)
The specific benefits that organizations can experience by upgrading to B2B Lightning. (page 7)
How Order Management serves as a commerce multiplier in B2B scenarios. (page 7)
Impressive customer results achieved after upgrading to B2B Lightning. (page 8)

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