B2B Subscription E-Book

By RafterOne

Give Customers a Touchless Subscription Lifecycle at Scale with Self-service Subscriptions

Subscriptions aren’t expensive but managing subscriptions is both complex and expensive. When businesses automate their entire subscription lifecycle, they increase revenue, reduce costs, enhance customer satisfaction, and unlock growth opportunities with a subscription platform that enables them to seamlessly integrate new products without having to hire more staff.

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Self-Service B2B Subscriptions:

Streamline complex subscription management processes, saving time and minimizing labor costs.
Support scalable growth with automation that reduces manual effort and associated costs.
Provide a seamless, touchless subscription experience that improves the customer experience.
Offer an Omni-channel Quote-to-Cash process that truly scales.
Allow your sales team to focus on high value, strategic accounts.
Empower your customers to add licenses, upgrade, or buy add-ons without ever calling someone.

Download the E-Book and Learn:

The basic concept of online subscription purchasing, and the complexity involved in amending subscriptions. (Page 2)
How consumer subscription experiences influence B2B subscription expectations, and the complexities introduced when dealing with B2B customers such as payment via purchase orders and volume discounts. (Page 3)
The advantages of implementing touchless subscription management, includes increased margins, enhanced customer satisfaction, and growth opportunities through automated systems. (Page 5)
How Salesforce’s Quote to Cash application, specifically the Revenue Cloud, supports seamless B2B subscription management, allowing businesses to automate the entire subscription lifecycle. (Page 5)
A customer case study that demonstrates the benefits of adopting an automated and integrated approach to subscription management to reduce costs and improve service efficiency for small businesses. (Page 7)
The role of omnichannel processes in subscription management, illustrating how B2B customers can start transactions in a cart and finalize with rep assistance, all within the Salesforce platform. (Page 6)

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