Optimizing Your Subscription Lifecycle

Creating a touchless experience through the optimization of your subscription lifecycle not only enhances revenue, but also diminishes support costs and substantially elevates the overall customer experience. This strategy ensures a seamless end-to-end process that allows customers to handle their subscriptions effortlessly and autonomously, eliminating the need for direct interactions with support personnel.

How creating a touchless subscription experience can enhance revenue, reduce support costs, and elevate customer experience.
What strategies should be employed to simplify subscription management for actions such as viewing subscriptions, checkouts, and website navigation.
The complexities of subscription revenue including term length, multi-year contracts, billing frequency, proration, and co-termination.
How businesses provide the flexibility subscribers expect, including amendments, usage/consumption tracking, upgrades, downgrades, renewals, swaps, and the ability to cancel and rebill.
The challenges that arise in amending subscriptions, and how it often involves multiple stakeholders from sales, support, and finance.
Why manual updates are not scalable, and the inefficiencies and high costs associated with them.
Why customers prefer self-service options, and the importance of having a robust self-service platform.

Webinar by:
Jason Rieckewald-Schmidt
Advisory Director – RafterOne

Embrace the full potential of B2B Subscription management.