Building an Omni-Channel Experience Through Integrating OMS with B2B Commerce and Revenue Cloud

By RafterOne
the power of salesforce oms with b2b commerce

In the fast-paced world of enterprise commerce, the need for seamless omni-channel experiences is paramount. This spans many industries including health and life sciences, where one such pharmaceutical company recognized this imperative and partnered RafterOne to embark on a transformative journey to align its enterprise commerce experience. Let’s delve into the challenges, goals, and innovative solutions that emerged from integrating Salesforce Order Management System (OMS) with B2B Commerce and Revenue Cloud, and the results that followed. 

Goals: Building an Omni-Channel Ecosystem 

The customer set ambitious goals to address these challenges: 

  1. Create an Online Storefront for Seamless E-commerce: Develop a user-friendly digital platform for effortless online shopping, emphasizing a streamlined and intuitive interface to enhance the overall customer experience. 
  1. Track the Delivery of High-Value Machines: Implement a sophisticated tracking system using advanced logistics and supply chain technologies to monitor the real-time movement and delivery status of million-dollar machinery, ensuring transparency and customer confidence. 
  1. Deliver an Omni-Channel Solution Supporting Cash-to-Quote for Enterprise Quoting: Integrate various channels for seamless transitions between cash transactions and generating quotes, providing a versatile platform catering to the diverse needs of enterprise clients and distributors. 
  1. Facilitate Distributor Purchases and Customer Self-Service: Optimize the supply chain, empowering distributors with efficient purchases and offering customers self-service options for tasks like order tracking and product inquiries, aiming to elevate customer satisfaction. 

Challenges: A Lack of Omni-Channel Experience 

The customer faced significant hurdles in their pursuit of a streamlined commerce experience. The journey began with a set of distinct challenges: 

  1. No Online Storefront: The customer was missing out on a vast digital market without an online presence, limiting its reach and sales potential. 
  1. Inefficient Return Handling: Returns were managed manually through SAP, leading to time-consuming and inefficient processes without a full view of the customer.
  1. Complex Shipping Requirements: The company needed to differentiate shipping rules for large machines and smaller consumables. 
  1. Absence of Subscription Management: They did not have a system to manage warranties as subscriptions, hindering recurring revenue opportunities. 
  1. No Approval Process for Quoting or Discounts: The absence of a structured approval process for quotes and discounts led to inconsistencies and revenue loss. 

Solutions: OMS Integration with B2B Commerce and Revenue Cloud 

In response to these challenges and goals, the customer implemented a series of innovative solutions by integrating Salesforce OMS with Salesforce B2B Commerce, Revenue Cloud, and RafterOne’s custom Subscriptions Accelerator.  

1. Simplified User Experience with B2B Commerce 

Taking a significant step forward, the customer enabled customers to purchase large equipment, consumables, and warranties through a unified storefront powered by B2B Commerce. This move streamlined the purchasing process and enhanced the overall user experience, making it more intuitive and efficient. 

2. Self-Service Subscriptions with R1 Subscriptions Accelerator and Revenue Cloud 

Recognizing the need for flexibility, the company empowered its customers with self-service subscriptions. Using a combination of B2B Commerce, the RafterOne Subscriptions Accelerator, and Revenue Cloud, customers could quickly amend contracts and renew and cancel subscriptions without customer support intervention. It not only reduced the workload on agents but also provided customers with greater control over their subscriptions. 

3. Automated Split Orders with OMS  

The customer automated and streamlined the process by integrating the OMS and B2C to tackle the challenges of split shipping rules for large machines and consumables. This not only reduced manual touches but also significantly cut down on delivery times, enhancing operational efficiency. 

4. Improved Visibility through Order Management with RafterOne 

The customer leveraged Order Management to provide a comprehensive 360-degree view through order summaries to address the need for order visibility on returns, splits, and changes. This transparency improved decision-making and facilitated better communication and collaboration across different departments within the company. 

Impact: Efficiency and Customer Satisfaction 

The customer’s multi-cloud Salesforce integration brought about significant changes: 

  1. Expanded Market and Sales Growth: The online platform opened new avenues for customer engagement and sales. 
  1. Operational Efficiency: The streamlined and automated processes led to a noticeable reduction in manual labor and faster operations. 
  1. Enhanced Customer Satisfaction: The omni-channel experience significantly improved customer satisfaction and loyalty. 
  1. Revenue Uplift: The new sales channels and efficient processes contributed to a substantial increase in revenue. 
  1. Strategic Decision-Making: Enhanced order tracking and visibility provided valuable data for informed decision-making. 

With RafterOne’s support, the customer is prepared for current challenges and poised for future opportunities. This partnership has set a new benchmark in B2B commerce, demonstrating the transformative impact of strategic digital solutions. 

The Power of Integration with RafterOne 

Through strategic alignment of its enterprise commerce experience with omnichannel efficiencies, the customer successfully navigated significant challenges, positioning itself as a front-runner in their industry. With a streamlined user experience, self-service subscriptions, automated split orders, and heightened order visibility, the customer is now reaping the benefits of cutting-edge technology which brought cohesiveness to an otherwise disconnected system. RafterOne’s extensive Salesforce experience and custom solutions played a pivotal role in transforming this pharmaceutical company’s journey within the B2B commerce sector. This success story not only highlights the effectiveness but also underscores the profound impact of integrating the OMS with B2B Commerce, combined with Revenue Cloud, especially when leveraging RafterOne’s capabilities. It provides a proven path for ecommerce companies aiming to achieve greater success with efficiency, agility, and unwavering customer-centricity. 

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