How to Optimize Manufacturing Operations with B2B Commerce, Billing, and OMS

By RafterOne
optimize manufacturing operations with B2B Commerce Billing and OMS

In the competitive manufacturing sector, businesses are constantly seeking ways to drive greater customer engagement, enhance their product offerings, and ensure customer success. However, achieving these goals can be challenging, particularly when faced with issues such as manual processes, lack of visibility, and inventory-related complications. Many of our customers have similar stories and are overwhelmed with where to start to improve their workflows. This success story highlights one of our customers, a large semi-conductor manufacturing company, who was in dire need of a comprehensive solution involving Salesforce B2B Commerce, Billing, and Order Management Systems (OMS) to address their challenges and pave the way for a more efficient and customer-centric manufacturing operations process. 

Goals for Optimizing Operations 

The partnership with RafterOne began with well-defined strategic objectives in place. The customer was determined to transform its business model by setting these ambitious objectives, ensuring it met and exceeded customer expectations and enhanced its market competitiveness. 

  1. Drive Greater Customer Engagement: Focusing on improving customer experience and building lasting relationships. 
  1. Enhance their Product Offering: Broaden their range of products through more efficient processes. 
  1. Ensure Customer Success: Making every customer interaction more effective and satisfying. 

Manufacturing Operations Challenges Faced  

The customer recognized the pressing need for a solution that would provide real-time visibility into their inventory and streamline their order approval processes and billing procedures. The manufacturing company faced several challenges that hindered their growth and customer satisfaction: 

  1. No Real-Time Inventory Insight: The customer needed more immediate visibility into in-stock and available products, causing delays and uncertainty. 
  1. Friction in Approval Processes: Approximately 30% of orders required manual intervention due to issues like credit holds and inventory availability, leading to inefficiencies. 
  1. Lack of Order and Approval Status Visibility: This ambiguity in the order process added to customer dissatisfaction and internal confusion. 
  1. Manual Inventory Allocation: The process could have been more efficient and prone to errors, leading to cherry-picking and an increased likelihood of mistakes. 
  1. Inability to Offer Flexible Pricing Options: The customer needed the capability to offer pricing curves or minimums to be at a competitive disadvantage. 
  1. Lengthy and Manual Pre-sales Process: Transforming pre-sales build-of-materials into quotes was time-consuming and cumbersome. 

Custom Integration Solutions 

Recognizing the urgent need for a comprehensive solution, the customer turned to RafterOne to strategize and implement a custom solution to address their challenges effectively. The implementation of cutting-edge technology brought about transformative changes: 

  1. Real-Time Inventory with OMS: Implementing OMS provided instant inventory visibility, enhancing customer experience and engagement. 
  1. Automated Approval with OMS: The streamlined process reduced manual interventions, speeding up fulfilment. 
  1. Transparent Order Status: This improvement offered clarity to both customers and internal teams. 
  1. Automated Inventory Allocation: This reduced errors and enhanced accuracy in inventory management. 
  1. Flexible Pricing Options: RafterOne enabled the customer to offer varied pricing structures, increasing market competitiveness. 
  1. Streamlined Quote-to-Cash Process: The automation of converting pre-sales materials into quotes accelerated the sales cycle. 

Success Metrics & Results 

The implementation of these solutions yielded impressive results for the customer including: 

Enhanced Customer Engagement 

  • Real-time inventory visibility led to improved product availability, increasing customer satisfaction. 
  • Automated approval processes reduced delays, ensuring timely order fulfilment. 

Streamlined Operations 

  • Manual processes were replaced with automated systems, reducing errors and operational friction. 
  • Inventory allocation became efficient, eliminating cherry-picking and reducing order errors. 

Improved Time-to-Value for Customers 

  • Automated quote-to-cash processes significantly accelerated the sales cycle. 
  • Customers experienced faster turnaround times, contributing to overall satisfaction. 

Transparency and Visibility 

  • Greater openness in order and approval status improved communication with customers. 
  • Real-time insights into inventory availability enhanced decision-making for both internal and external stakeholders. 

A Transformative Partnership  

The journey from facing critical manufacturing operational challenges to achieving a remarkable customer engagement and efficiency standard is a testament to the impact of strategic use of Salesforce technology solutions and a partnership with an expert Salesforce Integrator like RafterOne. Companies looking to optimize efficiencies through customized multi-cloud business solutions designed to meet the intricate demands of the manufacturing industry can leverage our wealth of experience collaborating with manufacturers on the Salesforce platform. Our deep understanding of the challenges inherent to this distinct industry and our proven custom solutions empower manufacturers to enhance flexibility and visibility in their operations. 

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