Manufacturing Cloud: 6 Crucial Advantages

By RafterOne

The manufacturing industry has seen a massive rise in adopting cloud-based solutions over the past few years. The demand for expedited production increased agility, and lower costs continue to grow. As a result, manufacturers across the globe are turning to the cloud to meet these needs. 

Manufacturing Cloud serves as an intermediary between your company and all other available software solutions from third-party vendors. It gives you access to different applications through a single system, accessible from any device.  

Many benefits are associated with using a cloud system for your business’s manufacturing processes. In this blog post, we’ll be exploring what Manufacturing Cloud is and its foundational importance for your manufacturing business. 

What is Manufacturing Cloud 

Manufacturing Cloud is a CRM platform provided by Salesforce that is specially created to meet the needs of the manufacturing industry. It brings features that give them a 360-degree view of all the ongoing operations and collaborators. Most importantly, it empowers manufacturers to elevate their productivity and efficiency in a way that offers better customer service and a more innovative way of working. 

As a manufacturer, you want to understand if a new platform that can change your old ways of working is worth the effort and investment. Hence, we dive into the advantages of adopting Manufacturing Cloud for your team and how it’ll benefit you in the long run. 

Importance of Manufacturing Cloud 

1. Manage agreements with confidence

Manufacturing Cloud is specially curated for the needs of the manufacturing industry. This notion reflects in every feature. Agreements across teams, partners, distributors, and clients are essential to manufacturers. The platform enables you to handle all of them in one single platform. 

Having a single Source of Truth (SoT) for such activities seamlessly ensures all relevant people are included in these agreements.  

This reduces chances for error and any legal consequences due to incompetent processes and lack of due diligence. You can also extract your existing contracts from the ERPs and keep track of them through the new platform. 

2. Gain intelligent cloud insights

With Einstein Analytics, the Manufacturing Cloud platform provides you with intelligent data that is imperative to your business. By analyzing the existing data, it can forecast the performance trends of different products. This allows you to make decisions based on data. It could even predict the future profits from each product so that you can make wise investments. 

Your inventory is also taken care of.  

You can avoid manufacturing products that are expensive to produce and aren’t doing well in the market. At the same time, you can understand which products are doing well and stock up to keep pace with demand. This will help you to manage customer expectations well.  

There are too many instances in B2B and B2C commerce where products run out of stock well before customers have placed an order, but the same doesn’t reflect in the existing data. A platform that gives you detailed data can help you better manage your eCommerce systems and avoid such mistakes. 

Returns are a part of running a manufacturing business. However, if too many return requests are raised for some products more than others, such data will help you do quality checks and make better business decisions.

3. Support lead management

The CRM platform of Manufacturing Cloud will empower your sales team with a lead management system that works well for your industry. 

Sales can share details of leads across departments and partners and gain valuable insights on the next steps. They can monitor existing leads and ensure no charges slip up due to negligence. The leads can be divided into different stages of their lifecycle with your business, and they can manage that conversion from one step to another more efficiently. 

Manufacturers can understand what is driving sales and what isn’t. Such strategies can fasten conversion rates and help sales teams perform better. 

4. Increase collaboration to streamline business

With Manufacturing Cloud, everything related to your business is updated and automated without any manual intervention. You can update order requirements in real-time, collaborate with operations teams, and send orders through fulfillment processes automatically. Such a swift process saves time and energy, and prevents potentially disastrous manual errors. 

You can efficiently work with the operations, sales, and product teams through the community cloud. The platform lets you record all the documentation and conversations with partners and distributors. This eliminates time in clarifying doubts when everything happens in one single platform with enough data and proof. 

5. Customize account management

With Manufacturing Cloud, you can plan better across different teams for different accounts. Each account gets dedicated effort since the platform forecasts the time needed for deliverables, plans resources, and allocates accordingly. 

The forecast data allows you to prepare well for market demands and stock up correctly. Using the forecast algorithm, you can define needs based on business prerequisites. You will have a personalized result for each account using all the different factors. 

6. Enjoy ease of use

This is among the most significant benefit and takeaways of Manufacturing Cloud. You no longer have to deal with clunky software that can’t keep up with today’s digital demands. 

Since the platform is specially made for manufacturing, many features are curated for the industry. For example, it has templates for agreements that cover all the requirements of compliance and protect your business from legal implications due to a half-baked contract. 

Additionally, you can share invoices using this platform.  

This helps maintain all customer data in a single SoT.  

The platform’s well-segmented storage makes it easy for your sales teams to share product catalogues. 

The Cloud for all your Manufacturing Needs

Why waste your resources and investments in multiple platforms when one can do it all? This is the kind of freedom that Manufacturing Cloud offers you. It is a user friendly tool that enables you to focus on business health and profits while taking care of everything else with intelligent features. 

If Manufacturing Cloud looks like the next step for your business, as an experienced Salesforce partner, RafterOne can help you implement the product. Get in touch with us today!