Order Servicing E-Book

By RafterOne

Revolutionize Your Customer Experience Thru Order Servicing

Many B2B commerce businesses are faced with order status efficiency and transparency challenges. Order Servicing provides increased customer satisfaction and reduced cost to serve while creating a world-class customer experience.

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Order Servicing:

Improves customer experience and satisfaction by providing order status updates automatically.
Decreases support costs by reducing case load, lowering case resolution time, and equipping users with accurate data in their CRM.
Scales to meet growing demands for better communication with customers on the channels they prefer.

What You’ll Learn from the E-Book:

Why a lack of order visibility is a huge cost to businesses. (page 2)
What your customers expect from your business. (page 3)
How automated status updates benefit your customers and your business operations. (page 4)
The power of bringing order status into Salesforce Service Cloud. (page 5)
How Order Servicing allows you to scale your support operations, while reducing the cost to serve. (page 5)
The Order Servicing approach that’s right for you. (page 6)

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