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By RafterOne
Salesforce + RafterOne

Simplify Payments and Realize Revenue Faster with Pay Now from Salesforce

Embedding Pay Now into your existing Salesforce solution will offer everyone involved with a streamlined, efficient, and trustworthy payment experience. RafterOne’s commitment goes beyond merely providing a solution as you embark on an exceptional digital payment solution.

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Pay Now: A Game Changer for Business Transactions

Drive Revenue: Easily generate and send payment links to your customers with payment methods including credit cards, debit cards, and digital wallets.
Embed Payments Anywhere: Add payments into any Salesforce object across sales, service, and marketing workflows.
Enhance Customer Experience: Provide a convenient and frictionless buyer experience with an intuitive design and process.
Boost Security: Keep your customer data safe with a trusted payment solution built on top CRM tool with built-in fraud protection.
Operate More Efficiently: View transactional data across the entire customer lifecycle from a single centralized location.

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Say goodbye to clunky payment systems that slow and hinder business growth due to high costs, complex integration, inconsistent user experiences, unclear outstanding balances, and security risks. (page 3)
Adopt seamless transactions with Pay Now and embed payments directly into any Salesforce object for any business process. (page 4)
Get your whole team on board by offering solutions and benefits to departments across your business. (page 5)
Map your existing system and automate workflows by embedding Pay Now links into your workflow and business process. (page 7)
Determine what your customers need and provide a seamless payment option based on how they engage with your business. (page 8)
Choose best-in-class implementation with RafterOne’s Quick Start and iterative approach to integrating Pay Now. (page 10)

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