RafterOne Uplevels their Presence at Dreamforce 2023

By Harry Radenberg

Co-Founder & Managing Director – SSC & DS, Harry Radenberg shares how RafterOne will make waves at Dreamforce 2023 

Dreamforce 2023

The most awaited Salesforce event – Dreamforce 2023 is almost here! RafterOne will be upleveling their presence in San Francisco, CA during the annual conference, which gets underway on September 12th.  This year, AI will be top of mind and the focus of many of the speaking sessions and educational experiences as Salesforce begins rolling out multiple AI and GPT product releases. This is especially exciting for the RafterOne team as they prepare to bring these new innovations to their customers. 

As an esteemed leader of our flourishing organization, RafterOne’s Co-Founder & Managing Director Harry Radenberg’s enthusiasm for Salesforce’s world-class technology is unmatched. He believes whole heartedly in the power of Salesforce to lead organizations into a sustainable future. Harry illuminates the strategic approach that RafterOne’s team will employ to optimize their participation at Dreamforce.  

1: How is RafterOne showing up at Dreamforce 2023?

RafterOne is doing a repeat of 2022 but in a more significant way. We’ve rented out the House of Shields – this terrific old-school establishment on Montgomery Street – and we’re making it our home base along with our IPG sister agencies MRM & Acxiom. We’ll have breakfast, lunch, and happy hours available each day we’re there, so it’ll be a great meeting spot to get together with our customers and partners. Swing by to say hi and maybe even have a Pliny!

2: Why is Dreamforce 2023 an important Salesforce event for RafterOne?

Well, Dreamforce is the original Salesforce event, so there’s always a special place in my heart for Dreamforce. I was at the very first Dreamforce back in 2003, which was at the St. Francis Westin Hotel. I was a customer back then and was brand new to Salesforce, and I remember just being blown away by Salesforce’s vision, culture, and especially back then – their audacity just to turn the entire CRM space on its head. I loved it, and it’s a big reason I went into consulting and started my own company later.

Even though we now have many events that Salesforce runs, Dreamforce is still the biggest. Even post-Covid, no event pulls in as many customers as Dreamforce. There’s a fantastic buzz at Dreamforce with everyone coming together and discussing all the new product announcements Salesforce drops here, and it’s special to be a part of it. 

3: Who is the RafterOne team looking forward to connecting with at Dreamforce 2023?

Everyone? Seriously, we have the full range – the customers that we haven’t seen in a while, and we’ll see them live at Dreamforce, to the customers we’ve seen at each of the last 15 Dreamforce’s – we’re excited to see them all. It’s fantastic to see them in person, especially these days. I have a client colleague near and dear to my heart retiring at the end of the year, and she’s working hard to get out to one last Dreamforce – she’s probably the one I’m most excited to see. I’m confident we’ll make it happen. We all also have our favorite partners and Salesforce folks that we’re excited to connect with in person again. 

4: What new service offerings is RafterOne excited to feature at Dreamforce this year? 

The last Dreamforce, ironically, was a week before RafterOne was acquired by IPG. Our RafterOne team, as were the IPG folks in attendance, were very excited about the acquisition, but we weren’t allowed to tell anyone! It was a challenge to keep the news under wraps. We’re super happy this year to showcase how as part of IPG, RafterOne can now support every major product/cloud Salesforce has, including Marketing Cloud, Data Cloud, and Tableau, while still offering implementations and managed services for our old favorites like Commerce (B2B & B2C), Service Cloud, MuleSoft, Revenue Cloud, etc. 

5: GPT will be a hot topic at Dreamforce 2023? What is RafterOne’s perspective? 

GPT, and AI in general, will be huge at Dreamforce this year. It’s exciting to see how Salesforce has expanded its Einstein platform to incorporate GPT into every product. GPT will genuinely change how users of Salesforce work, and we’re all in on it. We’re all ready to go on the GPT features coming out across all of the clouds in the next release, but also very excited to hear more about the longer-term roadmap for GPT from Salesforce. It’s an exciting time to be working with Salesforce!  

Rendezvous with the RafterOne Team! 

We hope you’re excited as us to attend Dreamforce 2023 and hope to get the chance to connect with you among the electric buzz that is sure to be the vibe in San Francisco. We invite you to schedule a meeting with us at the House of Shields to chat, cheers, or get right down to business by discussing how RafterOne can support your goals. Let’s make the most of this exceptional gathering opportunity!  

We look forward to connecting with you at Dreamforce!