Salesforce Marketing Cloud Explained

By RafterOne

73% of customers claimed they would only interact with marketing messages aligned with their interests. This means most of your customers may not even open your emails or engage with your newsletters if you have a one-size-fits-all solution to interacting with them. This is where a customer engagement platform backed with intelligence and marketing automation can make a sizable difference. Salesforce Marketing Cloud (SFMC) is a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) platform that enables you to be a better service provider to your customers by understanding and engaging with them across channels.

SFMC creates a smooth digital experience for customers with their needs and preferences at the forefront of your messaging. This experience is not limited to targeting advertisements. It is a consistent experience you can provide customers on the web, through mobile, social media, email, messages, and more! 

Why do you Need Salesforce Marketing Cloud? 

Salesforce Marketing Cloud is not a nice-to-have tool anymore. With a constant drive for innovation, SFMC will differentiate you in the market. It also provides your business with a competitive edge. 

Here are a few primary reasons why your business will benefit from Salesforce Marketing Cloud: 

  • You can provide a consistent experience across various touchpoints to all your customers. Your customers could be in any part of the world. However, if they are in your Marketing Cloud, then they become a part of your ecosystem and all your marketing efforts consistently. 
  • Your customer data is continuously updated with Marketing Cloud. You will never loose track of any key information they may have given you. SFMC will have it all. 
  • You don’t have to be a mind reader to know what your customer wants. Artificial intelligence will do the job for you and will be able to predict your customer’s preferences. You can then automate appropriate communication with them based on a set of predefined rules. 
  • You build long-lasting bonds when your customer feels heard and seen in how your business interacts with them across all channels. It’s no secret how crucial such relationships are to scale your business. 
  • Personalizing a message is easy when you are dealing with fewer customers. However, you would be putting your marketing and sales teams up for a huge and unnecessary task if they had to personalize messages for every customer. The customer engagement platform can handle this for you with ease. 
  • You need to know how your marketing investments affect your business and its growth. A CRM platform like Salesforce Marketing Cloud will give deep insight into marketing initiatives with  analytics, thus providing you with performance information. 

Most importantly, according to Salesforce, 97% of marketers experienced a rise in business outcomes after they adopted personalization into their strategies. This is because when you personalize messages and products based on customer behavior, you are more in tune with their needs and wants. 

Marketing Cloud Products 

1. Email Studio 

With the few seconds of attention that you get to grasp your prospective customers’ attention, email is integral to any business. To do this well, Email Studio allows you to customize hundreds of targeted and personalized emails, schedule follow-up emails based on engagement, and provide curated messages for events like birthdays and holidays. 

2. Mobile Studio

Regardless of your target audience, your prospects are likely never far from their phone. Reaching them on their mobile devices with effective text messages, push notifications, alerts, and reminders is a definite way of grabbing their attention. 

3. Journey Builder 

You will have several customers in different stages of their buying journey at any given time. Therefore, whether they are a new user that needs onboarding instructions, an existing user who needs more engagement, or a long-time user who needs to be retained, you can do it all using Journey Builder and its various automated workflows. 

4. Interaction Studio 

Capturing your customer’s real-time behavior to convey your messages and provide product recommendations is key to bank on the right moments. This could include their digital interactions on various touchpoints, such as an email interaction, where you can assess their interests and use machine learning to decide the kind of engagement needed. 

5. Advertising Studio 

Advertisements can be an expensive investment if you don’t optimize well. This tool lets you reach out to customers and prospects through various social media channels, target customers more diligently, increase ROI by retaining relevant audiences, and automatically connect relevant leads to Sales Cloud. 

6. Salesforce DCP 

Handling customer data well is crucial for compliance and marketing efforts. Salesforce Developer-Controlled Packages (DCP) provides a single source of truth for all the data across various systems. This helps you build data profiles, manage customers’ consent and preferences and take actions based on informed data. 

7. Social Studio 

Social listening is an essential part of a social media strategy for marketing, sales, and customer service teams. Through Social Studio, you can track how your brand is mentioned across the internet, recognize trends and curate content accordingly. Moreover, if your customers complain about something related to your brand or domain, you can quickly recognize it. You can act immediately to avoid damaging your reputation and show that you care. 

8. Marketing Cloud Intelligence 

Your customer’s data is spread across multiple systems, such as social media channels, email platforms, CRM, e-commerce, and more. With this distributed system, it can become a task to analyze all the data together and produce meaningful real-time insights. With Marketing Cloud Intelligence, your team can leverage AI and create dashboards to present insights to stakeholders, and these can be used to execute marketing campaigns and analyze performance. 

9. Google Analytics 360

Google Analytics is a popular tool for understanding audience performance on your site. This tool integrated within Marketing Cloud gives you all the benefits and features of Google Analytics, such as website performance and cross-channel analysis from websites, emails, and more. You get to understand your customers deeply by understanding their level of engagement on your site and devise strategies for customers across their lifecycle journey with you. 

Accelerate your Marketing Journey Effectively 

Salesforce and its host of products are curated to empower you with the right tools for digital transformation. Marketing Cloud is no exception. It helps you transform customer engagement and curate strategies that are not possible with manual efforts. 

Additionally, it allows you to equip your team with the right tools to help serve customers better, generate quality leads and scale your business. RafterOne can help you achieve this and empower your business. Contact us today, and let’s accelerate your marketing efforts.