Achieving Superior Customer Experience with an Order Management System

By RafterOne

An order management system isn’t just a tool that can help your organization manage your orders. It’s a comprehensive platform that ensures you meet your customers’ expectations in terms of speed, productivity, ease of use, and reliability. 

In our previous blog, we addressed how you can experience the benefits of an OMS with Salesforce commerce. In this read, we discuss ways in which you can leverage an order management system for superior customer experience and ensure your customers are always satisfied with the way your business handles orders. 

Five Ways an Order Management System Provides Superior Customer Experience: 

1. Provide Unified Experience Across Devices 

In today’s digital age, your customers don’t just use one device. They may browse a product on their laptop one evening, add it to their wishlist or cart, and want to place an order the next day on their phones. 

If your business is unable to provide this seamless buying experience to the customer, you might just lose out on the order to your competition. Here’s where OMS can help – It provides your customers with the ease of ordering at any time of the day on any device while you can constantly receive and process orders with ease. 

2. Empower Customers with Live Tracking Information 

Once your customers place the order, you don’t want them to be left wondering when their order will be shipped and delivered. Neither do you want them to constantly reach out to your customer support teams for such answers as this results in overwhelming your support staff and frustrating your customers. 

Sharing relevant information to your customers about their order before they even seek it out is a large part of providing a superior customer experience today. With the help of an OMS tool, your customers will have all the tracking details with the order details. 

When they can see the live movement of their order, from ordered to shipped to out for delivery, it builds trust in your brand that they can rely on you without any hassle. 

3. Avoid Angry Customers with Accurate Inventory Information

Imagine you place an order for your brother’s birthday. Now, this order is not only delayed for delivery but after waiting for weeks, you are notified that the order can no longer be fulfilled. Why? Because the product is no longer in stock. Rest assured, this customer will not return to you. 

This is a common problem that can be easily avoided with an order management system, a well-defined inventory management system, and some coordination between the two. 

Inventory management systems are updated with live details from the warehouses. Using this information you can then automate the details on the OMS. This way the customer will be notified about stock details well in advance. You can even provide customers with low stock alerts to nudge them to place an order sooner. This is how an OMS can help you in keeping your customers updated at all times.

4. Deliver Faster Using Smart Order Routing 

Ecommerce giants today have raised customer expectations with claims of one-day delivery. While this is not feasible for every provider, you can ensure you are doing your best to reduce delivery time. 

One such option is smart order routing. This method intelligently uses the most viable location of inventory for the defined delivery location. With this option, you can provide the most optimized route of delivery so that you can deliver orders to your customers with speed. 

An order management system with which you can manage omnichannel fulfillment locations that give you the ability to provide flexibility and location priority is a game changer for faster deliveries. 

5. Enable Self-Service Options 

To provide customers with a top-notch customer experience, you have to empower them with self-service capabilities. They should be able to track their orders, request an exchange, returns and refunds, and other such activities without the need to reach out to support teams. 

This is important because your team may not always be available to answer customer queries quickly. This could lead to your customers waiting for a long time for answers, and you do not want that. 

Order management systems integrated with ecommerce platforms can also have chatbots that can enhance self-service capabilities. While your team can’t be available at all times, a chatbot can respond immediately and provide solutions or at least route the query to the right support executive.  

Incredible Customer Experience is Now Just a Tool Away!

You now know how an OMS can be an asset to your organization in providing your customers with the best experience. In today’s competitive world, the difference between you and your competitor can just be a matter of how satisfied your customers are during the ordering and delivery process and even after they have received their orders. 

Salesforce OMS can help your business anticipate your customer’s expectations and deliver them flawlessly so that your customers will be coming back to you for future orders. Talk to our experts to see how Salesforce OMS can make a huge difference in keeping your customers happy.