Take Control of Your Ecommerce Brand Story

By RafterOne

Digital is everywhere. And with the growth of technology, it’s possible for anyone to create an ecommerce site. What stands out to visitors is the customer experience – the ability for a brand to tell their story. In fact, 73% of customers say they expect companies to understand their needs and expectations. The challenge is bringing a custom experience curated to the needs and wants of the shopper.

That’s where Salesforce Page Designer comes into play.

In the highly competitive market for ecommerce buyers, brands need websites that reflect their voice, their tone, and their story. And this story is constantly changing. From seasonal promotions to marketing campaigns, it’s imperative that companies have the ability to make changes to their site in real-time, without a lot of hassle.

Page Designer gives ecommerce brands on Commerce Cloud the ability to quickly layout engaging ecommerce experiences without code, while focusing on customer personalization. Here are three ways Page Designer can help you create rich and appealing designs that can be published in minutes.

Better Tell Your Brand Story with Page Designer

1. Refresh current pages with optimized designs

Quickly configure and update pages by saving components and pre-built page layouts from any digital storefront. Now, with reusable components and pages, your seasonal promotional page from last year can be quickly updated and deployed with just a few clicks. Reusing top-performing pages and unique design components saves your ecommerce brand time and money, while focusing on what makes your brand unique.

2. Create new ecommerce pages in minutes

With the ability to drag and drop images and components from an asset library, Page Designer allows brands to create webpages that reflect their exclusive story without the need for back-end developers. Ecommerce admins can build pages with reusable components removing the headache of redesigning from scratch.

3. Gain control of when and how you tell your brand story

Creating an engaging, unique brand story is one part of the journey. Getting that story in front of your customers on their preferred devices when they’re active is another part. With Page Designer, brands gain control of how their content looks and feels to shoppers across multiple devices and times. Now, ecommerce brands can populate content on their storefront at the right time and by the right customer group, device type, as well as language and locale prior to launching new design pages and elements.

Take it to the Next Level

As a distinct brand telling a unique story, sometimes the out-of-the-box platforms aren’t enough. At RafterOne, our UX experts have created an enhanced cartridge for Page Designer. With over 15 years in Commerce Cloud experience, we’ve added proven solutions for page customizations, branding, performance, and usability. Our Page Designer cartridge will allow your ecommerce brand to get up and running quickly and more efficiently while enhancing your brand experience for further growth. Ecommerce on Salesforce. It’s what we do.

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