Top Salesforce Platform Spring ‘24 Release Features

By Derek Camp

Application Architect, Derek Camp highlights exciting Salesforce Platform Spring ‘24 Release Features. 

You know, I wrote a whole introduction about the Spring release coming in the depths of a Michigan winter. But now that we’ve seen the release, it has been unseasonably warm, with newsworthy temperature levels. Though we have a joke here calling this the False Spring, as a warning that there will be more snow to come… Just wait…Nevertheless, the Spring ‘24 release is upon us and it’s full of wonderful things to talk about. I am particularly excited because some of the IdeaExchange features are coming due and it’s good to see Salesforce holding to their “True to the Core” promises. 

Top Salesforce Platform Spring ‘24 Release Features 

Salesforce Overall 

Always the first in line for the release notes is “Salesforce Overall”, which is both exciting and perhaps a little too broad.  Let’s dig into some of these features and see what’s interesting.  

  • Get Core Major Releases with No Downtime 
    • If you’re like me, unpacking this Hyperforce thing can be a bit of a challenge. One thing I’m picking up is that Salesforce is going to move us all onto Hyperforce at some point. But why? If you strip out the hype and sizzle, the goal is that your org (and thus your data) is hosted in a more understandable way. This is important for data residency, which laws like GDPR care about. It’s important for expanded apps, where some Salesforce functionality might not be on the same servers as your org in the legacy structure.   
  • Migrate to Hyperforce with Hyperforce Assistant (Generally Available) 
    • If you haven’t been paying attention to Hyperforce, I think it’s time. This is one of those “gradual roll-out” items from Salesforce that’s going to sneak up on you if you’re not careful. Thankfully, it’s not exactly a huge lift. This is largely automated and safe, but there are potential risks and issues.  Hopefully this assistant will help! We’ve guided many clients through these migrations, so feel free to reach out if you want some help. 
  • Allow the New Setup Domain 
    • I was actually tripped up by this in one of my sandboxes. I went to reset my security token and was blocked!

    • I feel obligated to call out these “small unless it’s big” notes, as they’re easy to miss or dismiss until your day is disrupted chasing this down. Thankfully the error message here points you in the right direction. It pays to remember the Scouting Motto: Be Prepared! 

Einstein Search 


Another wonderfully bland and expansive heading, which means it’s up to us to unpack all the wonderful things inside!

First, we see some more features for Dynamic Forms. I’m excited to see this growth, because to me it puts all of us in a better position to embrace the future. 

  • Add Fields from Related Objects to Dynamic Forms-Enabled Pages 
    • This means no more formula fields just to pull in related data!  There are some caveats – polymorphic fields (Whoa, nerd alert! What’re those?  Think Task “Related To”…) aren’t supported. If you use these formula fields for related data in other places (reports, templates, community pages, etc.) well then you need to plan more carefully. 
  • See a Field’s Object Relationship and API Name in Dynamic Forms 
    • This is similar to other changes they’ve been making recently that surface more information about objects and fields…and I support it! I’m sure at least some of my grey hairs are just trying to untangle two objects or fields that have the same label. 

If you paid attention to my previous posts, you know I’m a fan of User Access Policies. I wish they’d move out of beta already so people would be more excited to embrace them! 

Finally, this one made me laugh when I saw it, because I’m sure we all have strong feelings about Multi-Select Picklists. 

But wait, there’s always more! 

We’ve come to the end of our Salesforce Platform Spring ‘24 “release notes grab-bag” post. “Surely that’s not all,” you may be thinking, and you’re right! We have several more posts coming that are much more focused than this meandering journey through Salesforce Core. The release notes are always so overwhelming that I’m happy to get some other expert insight into the delights. If you’re looking to embrace these new features and take your Salesforce implementation to the next level, please feel free to contact us! 

– Derek Camp, Application Architect

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