Top Salesforce Sales Cloud Spring ‘24 Release Features

By Leigh-Anne Nugent

Sr. Solution Architect, Leigh-Anne Nugent discusses her top Sales Cloud Spring ’24 Release features. 

Spring is here! I very much enjoyed this release because it offered enhancements to the standard Account, Contact, and Lead list views with Intelligence. These views will help sellers develop and deepen relationships with their customers. What’s nice about it is that it’s an out of the box feature that doesn’t require any configuration or customization and is a quick win for Admins to activate and deliver value to end users. 

Notable Considerations for Architects 

Release Updates ( – Several enforced items should be reviewed before it is enabled in your Org automatically. I recently enabled “Enable Faster Account Sharing Recalculation by Not Storing Opportunity Implicit Child Shares”. I would recommend prioritizing this, especially for orgs with large volumes of data. I also enabled “Lightning Editor” and honestly can’t tell the difference. 

Release Note Changes ( – Release note changes just got its own home. This is such a fantastic offering. Far too often I’ve been excited about a feature that’s coming and when I want to activate it in a prod environment, it’s not there.  

I have mixed emotions splitting out features that have been released by Org edition. But I get it, there is a cost of doing business, some features require more storage and processing time, so there is an added cost incurred to build and support these features. 

Top Salesforce Sales Cloud Spring ‘24 Core Features for Everyone 

Lead, Contact, and Account Intelligence is worth enabling for all orgs to start visualizing engagement metrics. These views will help sellers target the right people, in the right time frame, to discuss the right things. 

Pipeline Inspection UI has gotten more responsive and now you can see 2000 records in charts and views. 

Forecast Groups can now give managers a way to view and predict future sales by any picklist value like industry or type. You can also group by Opportunity Product Family now too. These groups can now be displayed in a chart. 

Top Sales Cloud Performance and Unlimited Features    

For organizations who do have Performance and Unlimited editions, add these features to your roadmap for consideration. These are the ones that are going to help transform your business. 

Sales Add-Ons 


  • The Inbox mobile app has been retired. Working from your phone will be a bit of a challenge but now you can do a lot more in the Salesforce mobile app, including inserting meeting times, which also got a fresher look.  

Sales Engagement Cadence Creator 

  • Cadence creators can build cadences with separate tracks, or series of steps, for targets of different levels of interest or engagement. This feature will give sellers a simplified way to develop deep relationships with prospects and customers by minimizing the administrative planning effort giving them more time to focus on what the relationship really requires.  

Pay Now 

  • The Payment Link Generation flow is now templated! 
  • Payments are now more simplified with one-click checkout and express pay. 
  • Customers can now manage their payment methods if they’ve created a profile in their Payment experience site. 
  • Subscription products are now available when the product line item includes the type of subscription payment, such as a one-time payment or auto-recurring.  You will need to set up a store if you want to leverage this feature, so make sure you work with someone who is familiar with Commerce Cloud. 

Spring Cleaning 

Before I wrap, I’d like to take this opportunity to plug the value of Spring Cleaning your org to help with mitigating tech debt. I’d like to challenge everyone to prioritize cleaning up your meta data asap. To take advantage of the upcoming AI and Data Cloud features, the model will reference and display Flow, Object, and Field descriptions. So, while I’m confident that all your descriptions are populated (ahem, no one look in my Demo orgs please), I’d suggest reviewing its clarity taking into consideration how Co-Pilot could leverage it. 

Have a wonderful and fruitful Spring season and see you all in the Summer!  

– Leigh-Anne Nugent, Sr. Solution Architect

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