Transform Your Ecommerce Approach Thru B2B Lightning

During the COVID-19 Pandemic, almost overnight sales shifted online, and customer expectations got much higher. Explore the transformative power of transitioning your B2B Commerce to Lightning to reduce costs, increase revenue, and enhance customer experience in the dynamic era of a post-pandemic world.

What challenges do users of B2B Classic face in justifying the transition to Lightning?
What distinguishes the upgrade from B2B Classic to Lightning from a simple version update?
How has the world fundamentally changed for B2B buyers since the launch of Salesforce B2B Commerce?
Why is B2B Classic considered outdated in the post-pandemic world, and what features are now considered essential?
How does B2B Lightning contribute to reducing costs and increasing revenue, particularly through AI-powered recommendations?
What benefits do businesses gain by expanding their Commerce footprint with the addition of OMS?
The successful results of one of our customers after upgrading from B2B Classic to Lightning.

Webinar by:
Jason Rieckewald-Schmidt
Advisory Director – RafterOne

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