What is Salesforce Commerce Cloud?

By RafterOne

There are many ecommerce solutions on the market, but few compare to the one-to-one experiences created with Salesforce Commerce Cloud (SFCC). Renamed from Demandware in early 2016, SFCC provides a seamless unified ecommerce experience to inspire a personalized shopping journey for every customer across all commerce channels: web, mobile, social, store, and more.

If you are like many of our enterprise ecommerce clients, you may be looking to gain more control over your online brand, a more customizable customer experience, or are simply outgrowing your current platform. Choosing the right platform to power your ecommerce brand can predict the scalability and future success of your business.

Let’s take a deeper dive into how SFCC can help reach those goals.

In early 2016, we launched Gardner’s Supply Company, one of our first full SFCC implementations. Over two and a half decades of experience in launching other ecommerce platforms told us SFCC was not like other digital commerce solutions. The unique opportunity that SFCC allows to control customer journeys through data-driven touchpoints and artificial intelligence, made this unified commerce product one that we knew would propel our clients into the best of cloud commerce.

We are so confident the benefits of this platform are the best solution for our clients, we shifted our sole focus of business to the launch and support of lifestyle brands in ecommerce on Salesforce. Learning and understanding the nuances of the ecommerce ecosystem on Salesforce led us to successfully launch some of the most beloved lifestyle brands including Red Wing Shoes, Samsonite, iRobot, Skechers, and Brahmin.


Red Wing Shoes website on computer and mobile phone

Red Wing Shoes

Red Wing Shoes launched with us in 2018

Here’s How Salesforce Commerce Cloud Does It Differently

This high-level tour includes the capabilities of SFCC to elevate your brand in unified commerce. Some of our clients also weigh in on what Salesforce Commerce Cloud means to them.

Digital Commerce Capabilities

Unique Brand Experiences, Right Out of the Box

Storefront applications offer modern sites that can be built and launched quickly, rich with features, responsive design, and multilingual, multicurrency logic, while cart and checkout use all devices to maximize conversions with saved carts, and optimized user stories.

Unique Brand Story Customization

Enhance the shopping experience quickly and easily with an extensive library of prebuilt, certified integrations, including payment accelerators, ratings and reviews, and loyalty programs.

Unique Customer Service

Real-time integration into the digital store front and shopper history provides customer service to quickly expedite over-the-phone orders and checkout on behalf of customers.

Merchandising and Marketing

Brand Driven Personalized Engagement

Limitless personalization in engagement to ignite digital commerce growth, launch campaigns, promotions, and A/B testing without technical support.

AI-Powered Personalization

Use machine learning to power merchandising insights, time-saving task automation, and recommendations personalized to every shopper.

Maximize Product Impact

Syndicate products and pricing across categories, catalogs, currencies, and sites, while creating rules that adjust to optimize customer searches for intent and product profitability.

Digital Experience Management

Brand Driven Content

Build highly innovative and relevant experience content across brands, geographies, sites, and devices.

Target Segment Testing

Deliver relevant offers by segments based on customer behavior, traffic channel, and location via native targeting and A/B testing capabilities.

Maximize SEO Visibility

Build sites, products, categories, metadata, URLs, and images that rank with the ability to easily develop best practices for Search Engine Optimization.


Fye website on a computer and mobile phone


FYI launched with us in 2018

Multi-Site Management and Localization

Enter New Markets

Scale ecommerce worldwide with a secure, borderless infrastructure, allowing entry into new international markets in record time, with minimized risk, cost, and technical difficulty.

Customize on a Global Scale

From a single framework, manage and customize all sites, currencies, and languages to account customs, cultures, currencies, and languages.

Build Local Global Content

Great experiences with targeted content, offers, and relevant products can be built by language, country, state, region, or city.

Global Reference Storefront

Empower regional teams with a global reference storefront available in English, Chinese, Japanese, French, and Italian.

Digital Commerce Extensions

Shape Mobile-First Design

Use scalable APIs to build mobile commerce apps, a full development cloud, and certified LINK technology partners.

Leverage Social Media for Commerce

Easily extend commerce into social channels and online communities, including Instagram and Facebook.

Blend Digital with In-Store

In-Store Integrations allow extension of digital shopping into the physical store to prevent lost sales with endless aisle with powerful customer journey capabilities.

Order Management

Real-time Inventory Visibility

Salesforce Commerce Cloud offers a powerful order management engine that includes full order lifecycle management tools, and easy allocation and fulfillment logic.

Reduce Development Costs

Increase efficiencies by delivering real-time order data to Commerce Cloud Digital, while extensible API’s connect order management to retail operations, and simple role-based interfaces empower users with tools tailored to operations, customer service, and store fulfillment needs.

Easton website on a computer and mobile phone

Easton launched with us in 2018

Einstein (AI-Powered Commerce)

Powerful Artificial Intelligence

AI with no data scientist or machine learning expert required. Einstein delivers 1:1 personalized product recommendations to all site visitors, not just authenticated users. Simple shopping basket analysis dashboard drives conversions by optimizing product bundles, sets and deals. While predictive sort automatically personalizes product brand experience with every search and category page for each shopper.


How Salesforce Commerce Cloud Benefits Our Lifestyle Brands

SFCC offers our lifestyle brands the unique ability to control their brand online, while offering a superior customer experience. We are able to customize, track, and test from a holistic experience that only gets smarter, allowing us to bring unified commerce for enterprise brands to elevate them to implement next level, customer journey and shopping experience.

A Powerful Alliance to Help Brands

RafterOne and Salesforce

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