What’s Next for RafterOne in 2023?

By Erik Dodier

After an Eventful 2022, Erik Dodier, CEO and Co-Founder of RafterOne Shares What’s Next for 2023

What a Year! 

Yes, CEO’s say that a lot, but it really has been such a rewarding year. We are excited that with the efforts of many, RafterOne is in position to continue to create tremendous value for our clients seeking to leverage the benefits of multi-cloud commerce on the Salesforce platform.    

While we were busy working with hundreds of clients delivering Salesforce across a wide range of verticals and use cases, we were also hitting several milestones to continue to build the business around the growing needs of our clients. Each of the below accomplishments themselves would make for a great year, but we were able achieve all three thanks to our focused employees and supportive partners. Together, we are constantly pushing ourselves to be the leader in multi-cloud commerce on Salesforce. 

Three Top Highlights for the Business in 2022.   

1. Launching under our new brand as RafterOne 

2. Achieving the highest Summit Partner level offered by Salesforce 

3. Becoming part of the IPG family of agencies 

So What’s Coming in 2023…  

1. Think like our clients.

Needs and wants of our clients are always evolving. We think like our clients to solve their challenges from their perspective. We are fortunate to be partnered with a platform that can flex to each of their unique challenges. Salesforce has made the investments that help us help our clients solve the obstacles getting in the way of their business.    

2. Be global and act global.

With technology shrinking the world, we can bring the best talent to our clients from select global locations. This can allow for 24/7 support and cost efficiencies of a global team.

3. Get face to face.

The pandemic has distanced people which has created new norms for doing business. However, not all these new norms are for the better. The human connection and “conversation collisions” that happen when people are together are incredibly valuable. Leaders need to find ways to make these events happen safely. Whether team gatherings are small or large, it’s important to remember that special connections are made by getting together in person.    

All these efforts are to drive success for our customers. Moving into this exciting new year, we look forward to pouring all our energy into helping our clients get the most from their Salesforce investment. 

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