Why All-in-One Commerce is the Best Composable Turnkey eCommerce Solution

By RafterOne

Accelerate a connected multi-cloud commerce experience on Salesforce with composable integrations, vendor choice, and faster time-to-value at scale with All-in-One Commerce. 

As your company expands, you may be finding your ecommerce business operations outgrowing your current commerce solution. However, upgrading your systems or switching to a new platform may seem like a daunting task. Why?

Here are a few concerns that may be contributing to your hesitation.

  • Dated Software. You may be on a legacy commerce platform that would require costly upgrades to get it where you need it to be and facing customization difficulties.
  • Imperfect Choices. You may be weighing turnkey commerce platform options (with baked in customer service, payments and other solutions) and finding those that appear most approachable are easy to setup, but tough to optimize, tailor and scale to your long-term goals.
  • Third-Party Relationships. You may be inefficiently managing multiple third-party vendors and apprehensive about the complexities of migrating them to a new platform while consolidating vendor partnerships.

Any of this resonating with you? Enter RafterOne’s All-in-One Commerce accelerator for multi-cloud commerce on Salesforce.

What is All-in-One Commerce?

Among the commerce solutions you may be considering sits the all mighty powerhouse that is Salesforce. If you are considering adopting Salesforce B2C Commerce, but are not sure how to start, our All-in-One Commerce accelerator may be the right choice for your business. All-in-One Commerce takes the guesswork out of implementing Salesforce Commerce by offering a more turnkey solution to quickly launch and scale on the Salesforce Platform. 

All-in-One Commerce is a pre-integrated solution that combines the strength of Salesforce’s Commerce Cloud, Order Management, Service Cloud, Marketing Cloud, and Payments for an easy-to-launch brand experience that still offers flexibility to compose the right selection of products/third-party partners to meet your specific consumer’s expectations.

With All-in-One Commerce, you can:

  • Maximize Salesforce as your primary multi-cloud commerce solution and reduce the overall count of vendors and contracts to manage.
  • Launch with the necessary Salesforce Clouds and key third-party solutions in place.
  • Trust you’ve partnered with a best-in-breed commerce platform that consistently leads the Gartner Magic Quadrant.

What Sets All-in-One Commerce Apart?

All-in-One Commerce enables the power of Salesforce to scale customer experience and provides the ability to launch quickly with the tech you want (without being locked into tech you don’t).

With All-in-One Commerce, you’ll experience the benefits of:

Composable Integrations

Salesforce Commerce Cloud is scalable and extendable, with an app marketplace that allows you pull in the contemporary functionality you need. All-in-One Commerce gives you the ability to curate unique experiences for your brand goals with Salesforce and beyond. This allows you to relaunch and pare down third-party relationships in favor of maximizing Salesforce adoption. You can:

  • Choose pre-integrated solutions that work for your business​.
  • Create curated experiences with only the tech you need​.
  • Never be locked into a vendor you don’t find value in.

Faster Time-to-Value

Get faster time-to-value with a certified team that can accelerate your launch while leveraging pre-integrated solutions that enhance the tools you need to optimize your investment.​ Our pre-integrated solutions and depth of implementation experience ease the burden on your internal teams and allow for faster deployment on Salesforce Storefront Reference Architecture (SFRA). You will:

  • Save cost and time with pre-configured solutions​.
  • Leverage features faster​.
  • Launch quickly with an experienced certified team​.

Applications Built to Scale

Unlock the power of Salesforce at scale with tailored applications that enhance branding, tracking, automation, and accessibility. Utilize the tools you need to scale your brand experience on Salesforce quickly with the RafterOne SFRA accelerator, Propel. Launch enhanced content control, GA4 tracking, AA accessibility and pre-configured cross-cloud automation with our ready-to-go custom-built applications. Take advantage of:

  • Enhanced OOB features and configurations with Propel​.
  • Enhanced content creation with Page Designer​.
  • Next Generation Analytics with GA4 via GTM Connector​.
  • AA Accessibility Compliance.​
  • Cross-Cloud efficiencies with automation​.

Why RafterOne is the Go-To Salesforce Implementation (SI) Partner for a Turnkey Commerce Solution

With our cross-cloud Salesforce implementation expertise and Managed Services capabilities, we have pre-built and pre-integrated Commerce Cloud with Sales, Service, Marketing, Order Management, Salesforce Payments and more! This allows you to launch your multi-cloud commerce solution quickly with one SI at the helm.

And, when it comes to your third-party integrations, you won’t find the vendor locking challenges you may uncover with another accelerator. We have taken great care to build a reference architecture that prescribes to Salesforce best practices so that anyone who is Salesforce Certified can work on the platform and maintain the ability to choose among many common third-party solutions for your specific needs.

Be aware of alternative accelerators who promise a quick launch, as they often come with the non-negotiable agreement that you must take on their baked in vendors for solutions such as payments, imaging, fraud, tax, etc., even if you are already under a contract and happy with your current vendor. This can create added financial and logistical stress during your transition.

With RafterOne’s All-in-One Commerce accelerator, you get vendor flexibility. For example, if you are not interested in adopting Salesforce Payments because you are happy with Adyen or Cybersource, no problem. Happily, in contracts with Avalara for tax compliance and Yotpo for reviews? Great! We can integrate those with ease. RafterOne believes your selection of partners should be your choice and our growing list of pre-integrated partners illustrates our commitment to that.

Take the Reins

If you are seeking a turnkey multi-cloud commerce solution that will bring your entire customer journey under one roof, we invite you to consider RafterOne’s All-in-One Commerce accelerator to launch quickly and scale on the Salesforce Platform.

Ready to create customer-first experiences with a foundation of versatility built around you?

You'll be in good hands.